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Founder of Tried and Supplied, an open platform that helps food service buyers find more sustainable, local produce, and member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, Domini interviews a wide range of passionate producers and carries out in-depth research into sustainable practices for food and drink providing the full context required to make sustainable decisions and eliminate confusion over conflicting information.

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Fungi, fermentation and foraging in the West Country

Hidden behind a stone wall on a tiny country road in Somerset, I find Matthew and Iain Pennington and their…

The Big Issues

Making land accessible for new entrants on small farms

Affordable land access and ownership for new farmers is just the kind of important issue that often goes unnoticed. So…

The Big Issues

An investigation: Can you get sustainable eel?

The short answer is ‘yes’. The long answer is much more interesting and covers the ins and outs of eel…

The Big Issues

Tim Thompson: How my cows self-medicate with organic grasses

Hampton Gay farm, near Oxford, specialises in organic 100% grass-fed beef from Longhorn cows. Farmer Tim Thompson explained to me…