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Founder of Tried and Supplied, an open platform that helps food service buyers find more sustainable, local produce, and member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, Domini interviews a wide range of passionate producers and carries out in-depth research into sustainable practices for food and drink providing the full context required to make sustainable decisions and eliminate confusion over conflicting information.


Inside Raymond Blanc’s vegetable garden

The well-stocked vegetable garden and fruit orchard at Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons hotel, keeps the restaurant about 10%…


Red Boat Tony on the difference between gelato and ice-cream

I can’t say I’ve ever really thought of Anglesey in Wales as being a must-visit place for ice-cream. But after…


Meet the farmers at the legendary Cacklebean egg farm

Cacklebean eggs are the stuff of legend. I first heard of them around a year ago when I was visiting…


Beluga and Kaluga: The curious guide to caviar

From sustainability to whether you should serve it off your own hands, there’s more to caviar than you might think….


Sustainable food: Progress made and future trends

At the beginning of the year fires were blazing in Australia and President Bolsonaro of Brazil was supporting the commercial…


From rundown country pub to Sustainable Business of the Year

Ollie Hunter talks about how he turned The Wheatsheaf, Chilton Foliat, a rundown Wiltshire pub, into a thriving and award-winning…


Chef Tim Bouget on running the UK’s most sustainable restaurant

Café ODE might sound like an unassuming place, but as a three time winner of the highest Sustainable Restaurant Association…


How to eat sustainably – advice from a chef

Trained chef and nutritionist, Julie Cleijne from Sustainable Kitchen, joins us to talk about how restaurants can create well-balanced nutritional menus…


The farmer growing Chinese vegetables and GB-made ‘baijiu’

Farmer Pete Thompson has adapted to the times and taken a very inventive path… Taking the plunge initially into producing…


How restaurants, pubs and cafes are adapting to Covid-19

With the announcement that all McDonald’s, Nando’s, Costa and Pret branches will close in the UK, coronavirus is hitting the…


Farming for flavour: Meet the English trout farmer

In a little Wiltshire village with streets clearly made for carts not cars, I found Jack Glendinning, owner of Mere…


Lassi-based gin? The couple combining Indian and British heritage

Domini Hogg finds out how a couple are combining their Indian and British heritage to create an alternative gin loved…

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The future of the humble potato, with ‘The Potato Shop’

How are potatoes grown, which are the ones to look for? To find out I went to visit The Potato…


StreetCube: Cooking up a sustainable storm in London

In this episode we speak to Pascal Gerrard, founder of StreetCube, a series of sustainable street food kitchens dotted around…


Food and drink trends for 2020

As we enter a new year – and a new decade! – it is time for us to look at…


Elliott Lidstone: From shipping container to sustainable restaurant

Domini Hogg visits chef Elliott Lidstone in a converted shipping container in Bristol’s Wapping Wharf, where he’s set up his…