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I am a mom, a wife, and a farmer. In that order (most days). This channel is all about wading the waters of these three versions of me… Learning new things each day, and sharing them with you. Authentically, sheepishly me.


Sheep and sunshine: How ‘solar grazing’ helped a farm expand

This week I was lucky enough to tour my friends Chris and Lyndsey’s sheep farm. They do things a bit…


How I casted broken and deformed legs on newborn lambs

Sometimes lambs can get stepped on by ewes, or even runted by ewes that are very maternal towards their own…


5 days and 2 ways of making hay

Sandi in Ontario, Canada: Hard to believe we are at second cut hay already – a good crop that gave…


The last days of summer lambing – final results

Finally into our last week of this lambing group. What started out with a few hiccups, has smoothed out and…


The first week of lambing (they’ve come early)

The first week of lambing starts…but, they aren’t due for another week! The newest lambs dropped 9 days premature, and…


How we lamb on our sheep farm in Ontario, Canada

In this video, I take you through the week and show you a few different things: 1. Lots of organising…


Four days of making hay: First cut hay 2019

First cut hay is ready to be harvested. Which is perfect, because I’m almost out of feed for the sheep….


How I select our sheep: Replacement ewe lamb selection process

This video shows the first step in the replacement ewe lamb selection process I’ve developed. Today we will get weights…


How I prepare my barn for lambing: From clean-up to set-up

The countdown is ON! Less than 2 weeks to go until the new wee ones start arriving… my favourite time,…


How I hoof-trim our sheep (using the Veno turntable)

This is the last step in my management system before this group of ewes lambs next month. I trim the…

Farm Farming Business

5 inexpensive ways I improved our sheep farm

Today’s video goes through the 5 things I’ve done over the last seven years to improve my sheep farm… BUT…


How we shear our sheep (the Charlie Method)

Today is shearing day. My good friend Charlie comes to shear my sheep about 6 weeks before lambing. I do…

Farm Farming Today

How I synchronise our sheep for breeding

Sheep farmer Sandi Brock shows us how she synchronises the ovulation cycles of her ewes, so she can add a…


Shipping day in Ontario: How we market our lambs

This week, like most weeks, I set aside time on Tuesday to weigh and sort through the finishing lambs to…

Farm Farming Today

Insight: Preparing sheep for out-of-season breeding

This week is time to plan for the next breeding group. Because this is April, its almost out-of-season for sheep…


How we wean lambs: Sandi’s weaning day protocol

This week, the first half of the Feb/March lambing group are ready to be weaned. In this video, I show…