Sheep and sunshine: How ‘solar grazing’ helped a farm expand

By Sandi Brock
9th October 2019
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This week I was lucky enough to tour my friends Chris and Lyndsey’s sheep farm. They do things a bit differently from me and I love seeing other methods of operating a sheep farm.

Chris and Lyndsey have long wanted to expand their sheep flock, but have been limited with the ability to buy more land to graze their sheep. They created opportunity by reaching out to a local solar farm company, and a mutually beneficial relationship was established.

Solar farm gets their grass tended to without the added cost of fuel, labour and pesticides… Chris and Lyndsey now have access to feed they can use now, and even bale and store for winter!

They ventured outside the box in their thinking, and have been able to grow their flock because of it! What unique ways have you been able to grow your flock size without huge investment??

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*Sandi is a sheep farmer in Ontario, Canada