How I casted broken and deformed legs on newborn lambs

By Sandi Brock
16th September 2019
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Sometimes lambs can get stepped on by ewes, or even runted by ewes that are very maternal towards their own lambs, knocking down anything and everyone in sight. It’s so frustrating, but I’ve found a Do-It-Yourself way of casting the newborn’s legs when they are small.

I’ve found that its even been helping correct deformed legs (hooves curled under) at birth. A vet walked me through this process last year, and I didn’t have anything to use for splints…. But I got creative.

Since I had been painting in the house, I went to look for a paint stir stick, but ended up looking at the paint rollers themselves. GUYS! THEY WORK AWESOME!!

In this video, I went back to show how I casted the legs, and also showed the final result! I hope this helps anyone who finds a little lamb with a broken leg. What do you guys use to fix broken or deformed legs on lambs?

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