5 days and 2 ways of making hay

By Sandi Brock
13th September 2019
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Sandi in Ontario, Canada: Hard to believe we are at second cut hay already – a good crop that gave us enough to fill a bag (120’X10’) and even a little extra so we could attempt to make dry hay also!

We started this year with zero inventory for sheep feed, and it can be stressful when you’ve got some big events happening in the flock where nutrition is not only critical, but transitioning to new feed can lead to issues.

Feeling very blessed to get a decent crop off, with very minimal rain since first cut and so happy the whole family was there to help get it off. We rent a bagger for our harvested hay, and custom hire out the baling and wrapping to a couple great local guys.

In this video, Mark runs the harvester, I run the bagger. Jack ran wagons, and Jess raked and helped collect bales. Great way to spend a weekend with your kids right?? What way do you all take off your second cut hay?


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