How I synchronise our sheep for breeding

By Sandi Brock
25th May 2019
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Sheep farmer Sandi Brock shows us how she synchronises the ovulation cycles of her ewes, so she can add a ram for breeding…

From Sandi:

Removing CIDR’S and adding rams: It’s been 12 days since inserting CIDRS (a Controlled Internal Drug Release devise, which releases progesterone) in this next breeding group in hopes of synchronising our September 2019 lambing group.

Today, we remove those CIDRS, inject some PMSG (Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotrophin) to stimulate ovulation, and add our rams for this breeding season. These rams will stay with these ewes for two full ovulation cycles, and will be taken out in 21 days.

There are two separate groups being bred, and one are some June-born ewe lambs, so this will be their first time being bred. My CIDR protocol is summarised at the end of this video. #CIDR #synchronizing #sheep #breeding

*Sandi is a sheep farmer in Ontario, Canada, who shares her farm goings-ons on her YouTube channel.