The first week of lambing (they’ve come early)

By Sandi Brock
8th September 2019
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The first week of lambing starts…but, they aren’t due for another week! The newest lambs dropped 9 days premature, and just never stopped coming. This video follows me through this week of some challenges including pregnancy toxaemia, an issue plaguing me this year as I’m struggling with some nutrition problems.

I also had a lamb with a pretty bad broken leg, so I am sharing how I splint and wrap a lamb’s broken leg. Still chasing the weather and working around the clock getting our edible beans and soybeans planted in what is chalking up to be the worst planting season that we’ve ever seen.

But, through it all, lambing is still my favourite part of the sheep farm. Enjoying the babies being born, the frolicking lambs, and watching the love form between a ewe and her lamb.

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