Insight: Preparing sheep for out-of-season breeding

By Sandi Brock
10th May 2019
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This week is time to plan for the next breeding group. Because this is April, its almost out-of-season for sheep here in Canada (they are short-day breeders).

Although I just finished lambing out my natural bred ewes from the fall, I’m back to my typical breeding system of using CIDRS (a Controlled Internal Drug Release devise, which releases progesterone ) to help synchronise my lambing groups again.

April and July are the two weaker months of conception, so I use the CIDR program with the addition of PMSG (Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotrophin) to help boost my chances for ewes to come into heat. #CIDR #sheep #breeding #synchronizing

*Sandi is a sheep farmer in Ontario, Canada.