How we lamb on our sheep farm in Ontario, Canada

By Sandi Brock
4th September 2019
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In this video, I take you through the week and show you a few different things: 1. Lots of organising claiming pens for new moms and babies; 2. fixing a lamb’s front feet due to being mal-positioned in mom; 3. cleaning the Grober automatic milk machine; 4. scanning results from my April breeding group; 5. finishing PLANTING for 2019! YAYYY!; 6. shipping market lambs; 7. testing ewe’s colostrum with a Refractometer; 8. WATCHING A EWE GIVE BIRTH FROM START TO FINISH!! I hope you enjoy! What is your favourite part of lambing??

Now that we’ve finally made the official due date of this June lambing group, I’ve got my groove. The lambs are coming out well, and most importantly, healthy.

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