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About Sam Walton

Sam is a farmer’s son from Cheshire and his BIG passion in life is telling everyone the farming story! Sam now works on the Farm at Tatton Park in Cheshire, engaging with the visiting public and helping to educate people all about where their food comes from. In 2018, Sam was awarded the John Platt Travel Scholarship from Reaseheath College and the Cheshire Agricultural Society. Sam used the scholarship to head out to New Zealand to study Agri-tourism and look at farm diversification, to see how New Zealand farmers are engaging with visiting public and getting people onto their farms. As well as working full time on the farm, he also has his own herd of Pedigree Hereford cattle, animals are sold to farms throughout the UK. On a Saturday morning, Sam has his own radio show on the Cheshire radio station Silk 106.9 talking all things farming and what he’s been up to on the Farm.

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Learning from farmers in New Zealand

Last year I was awarded the John Platt Travel Scholarship by Reaseheath College and the Cheshire Agricultural Society. It’s a…

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