Hot temperatures cause problems on the farm

By Sam Walton
9th August 2019
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As a farmer, I usually find the winter months the most challenging, but the recent high temperatures have made me think again…
Belle and her new calf

It’s been a busy few months on the farm and the dry weather has meant that we’ve managed to get on with most of the summer work, but it’s not all been plain sailing.


Last week we saw temperatures reach 34C at the farm and that can cause huge issues for our animals. In temperatures that high, it’s vital to keep the animals as cool as possible by any means possible.


Cows love cooler temperatures and once they get too hot there are all sorts of problems that can occur. One of my best Hereford cows, Belle, and her new calf, have had a rough couple of weeks due to the recent heatwave and somehow now the winter months don’t seem too bad!