Time for some Tamworth piglets on the farm

By Sam Walton
5th October 2020
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With all the local lockdowns, social distancing and having to wear face masks, life on the farm has carried on. It always makes me feel happy that the farming calendar goes on regardless of what’s going on in the world, the seasons change regardless of what else is going on.
We’re in the piggery this time and meeting Tallulah the Tamworth pig. We’re looking to get her pregnant with a Tamworth boar, only problem is, we haven’t got one!
Tamworths are a rare breed of pig and it’s vital that we conserve their numbers and make sure the breed stays in existence. But how will we get her pregnant if we don’t have a Tamworth male? I’ll show you!
(Warning- content may not be suitable for all audiences as it discusses where baby pigs come from!)