Video: Molly the Middle White pig is in labour!

By Sam Walton
7th April 2020
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The Middle White is one of the rarest breeds of pig in the world, and at Tatton Park we have our very own – she’s called Molly!

She’s got a great character and really is my most favourite pig of the lot at work, so you can imagine how excited I was when she gave birth here at the farm.

I sat with her for most of her litter being born and it was an amazing experience. Being a farmer, one of my favourite jobs is to help bring new life into the world, and I still love doing that as much today as I always have done.

About farmer Sam Walton

Sam works on the farm at Tatton Park in Cheshire. He also has his own herd of Pedigree Hereford cattle. On a Saturday morning, Sam has his own radio show on the Cheshire radio station Silk 106.9 talking all things farming and what he’s been up to on the Farm.


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