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George Young, aka “@FarmingGeorge”, farms at Fobbing Farm in the village of Fobbing, South Essex, UK. George is driven to create a farming mode whereby nutritious food and sustainable fibre production are coupled with ecology and education. To that end, the crops grown currently at Fobbing Farm comprise wheat, OSR, peas, beans, linseed, and on the more interesting spectrum: heritage cereals, buckwheat, hemp, lentils and experiments with heritage corn. George is currently working on a new farming and food “farm to fork” model. He is desperate to promote new food production onto his farm, primarily in the form of a dairy, layer chickens, market gardening, and agroforestry (on top of the current arable cropping). And to ensure the farmed products leave the farm in a finished food form by integrating food enterprises into the farmyard.

The Big Issues

George Young’s manifesto for a sustainable farming future

Farming needs innovation. Ground up, fresh thinking. The type of innovation that comes from naivety, ignorance and enthusiasm. What we…

The Big Issues

We need to talk about GM

Mixed farmer George Young shares his thoughts on GM, and why he thinks it’s not the answer to human-created problems…

Farm Diaries

Farming insights at Curtis Farm, UK

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Buckwheat harvest 2018 at Fobbing Farms, UK

Buckwheat, grown for the pioneering food company, ‘Hodmedods’, being harvested for the first time at Fobbing Farms, UK. This is…