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Lockdown Learning

Week 7 Project: Take part in The Great Bug Hunt

It’s time to explore and take part in The Great Bug Hunt 2020, with the Association for Science Education (ASE)….


Lockdown Learning


Week 6 activity: Bake amazing ‘arable’ muffins

For this #LockdownLearning activity the theme is arable farming, which means growing crops such as wheat, oilseed rape, potatoes, sugar…

Lockdown Learning


Week 5 activity: Design a clothing product made from wool

Wool is a super fabric! It has lots of amazing qualities that make it useful for making a range of…

Lockdown Learning

Week 4 project: Design a farm machine and win a robot!

This week we’re looking at the amazing world of agri-tech. Farming is already using robots, satellites, and all sorts of…

Lockdown Learning

Week 3 activity: Design your own food packaging

The NFU Education team has three fun activities for you to try at home to get you thinking about food…

Lockdown Learning

children doing science experiment

Week 3 activity: Become a food scientist

Become a food scientist! Food fills our bellies but with the help of a few scientific tricks, it can also…

Lockdown Learning

Week 3 project: Design a British snack

This week the NFU Education team have cracked open the Farmvention archive again, and this time the challenge is to…

Lockdown Learning

Week 2 activity: Let’s get growing

Home grown carrots taste delicious. Whether you prefer them raw, roasted, boiled or in a soup, we’ve got a step-by-step…

Lockdown Learning

Week 2 activity: Become a plant expert

Learn all about different parts of the plant, with this hands-on activity brought to you by our Education team. Activity…

Lockdown Learning

Week 2 project: Design and make a seed propagator

Now is the perfect time to become a farmer and plant some seeds at home. Plants need certain conditions in…

Lockdown Learning

Week 1 project: Happy, healthy hens!

The NFU Education team are eggstatic to share an eggciting and eggucational activity that can be completed at home this…

Lockdown Learning

Week 1 activity: Lifecycles

Spring has sprung on the farm. Join us as we tour Upper Walton Farm during lambing season and find out…

Lockdown Learning

Week 1 activity: Make a poultry puppet

In this activity, which links closely to the National Curriculum for Design and Technology, we show children how to make…