Week 3 project: Design a British snack

By NFU Education
20th April 2020

This week the NFU Education team have cracked open the Farmvention archive again, and this time the challenge is to design a truly British snack. 

The challenge

Design a new snack product that uses one or more of the following four British foods:

  1. Milk
  2. Beef
  3. Beetroot
  4. Oats

Your product needs to be:

  • Attractive for other children and young people. Do you have any other siblings at home, could you ask them what they like? Maybe you could email or message some of your friends while they are on lockdown too to ask them about their preferences.
  • Clear about its nutritional benefits – click here to learn all about researching nutrition.
  • Packaged in a way that protects the food before it’s eaten and then doesn’t harm the environment once it’s been thrown away – check out our other activity about food packaging to get some inspiration!

We’d love to see ideas for a truly British snack – please send them to letstalkfarming@nfu.org.uk



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