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About Breaking Bread Birmingham

Welcome to Breaking Bread Birmingham, the ultimate food podcast that celebrates the vibrant culinary landscape of our beloved city. We are your hosts, Liam and Carl, two food-obsessed friends on a mission to uncover the hidden gems, culinary wonders, and untold stories that make Birmingham’s food scene genuinely exceptional. Through engaging long-form in-depth interviews, we bring you closer to the pulse of Birmingham’s food culture and its bustling hospitality industry. From renowned Michelin-starred chefs to visionary street food business owners, we delve into the lives and passions of the people shaping the city’s gastronomic landscape. Our podcast has a purpose beyond just indulging in delicious dishes. We are here to showcase the significant role that Birmingham’s food scene plays in shaping and improving our city. We believe in its power to unite communities, spark creativity, and elevate the overall quality of life. Breaking Bread Birmingham is our platform to celebrate the city’s diversity, entrepreneurial spirit, and culinary brilliance. But that’s not all—we are here to debunk the misconceptions. We proudly proclaim that Birmingham is not shit. In fact, we firmly believe that our city should be a source of immense pride. It’s time to shatter stereotypes, challenge preconceived notions, and shine a spotlight on the incredible talents and flavours that define Birmingham. So join us on this mouthwatering adventure as we explore the city’s food scene, share inspiring stories, and champion Birmingham as a culinary destination worth celebrating. Breaking Bread Birmingham is your ticket to savouring the best of our city, one episode at a time. Let’s toast to Birmingham and the remarkable journey we’re about to embark upon!


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