Home is Where the Herd Is

Film maker and photographer Chris Baker made this film, called ‘The Dairy Farmer’, last year in Dorset. It features dairy…



Festive Farmers Raise Thousands for Rural Charity

108 tractor drivers came together for the Louth Tractor Run on December 18th, raising over £4,000 for the Lincolnshire Rural…

Farm Farming Today

Combine Talk: one farm’s experience of harvest 2022

The summer may seem a long time ago but it’s a key time in the farming calendar. In this video…

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Taking the Leap: Why is this West Country Farmer Looking to Change?

Arable farmer Emily Addicott-Sauvao is looking at the future sustainability of her farm, growing alternative break crops such as quinoa…


”Never Give Up”: a farming dream come true

Jim Beary had a farming dream from a young age and never gave up to achieve his ambition. Now farming…


The Yorkshire Shepherdess

Ben Eagle speaks to Amanda Owen, who is probably one of the most recognised farmers in the UK, having appeared…