Farmer to Farming Influencer

By Wallace Currie
12th April 2023
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Olly Harrison is an arable farmer from Merseyside who has become one of the best known farming influencers in the UK with over 74,000 subscribers on YouTube. Starting by making a few videos during lockdown in 2020 his success at engaging thousands has been down to regular output of compelling content. Olly is also not afraid to speak his mind and his wider social media following has grown as a result. In this podcast episode with Wallace Currie of R2Kast, recorded during an Instagram live, Olly talks about his farming and Youtubing journeys.


About Wallace

Wallace Currie is an agricultural lecturer who focuses on food security, agricultural communication and livestock based topics. He is also a podcaster, content creator and guest speaker! His podcast R2Kast is released weekly on YouTube and other podcast streaming channels.