The UK Sugar Beet Journey

By Milly Fyfe
12th October 2023
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Presenter Milly Fyfe interviews Sugar Beet Farmer Luke Abblitt and British Sugar’s account manager Alec McNulty to highlight how sugar beet is established, grown and harvested in the UK.

Sugar beet plays a crucial role in the sugar industry, providing a domestic source of sugar in many regions with suitable climates, including the UK.

Watch the video to discover more about the journey of sugar here in the UK!


About Milly Fyfe

Milly is a marketing, PR, events and fundraising specialist, providing digital marketing support to food and farming businesses. Milly and her husband Andrew farm beef suckler cattle, sheep, arable crops and a few rare breed pigs in rural Northamptonshire. Milly writes and contributes to several publications including the Daventry Express, Rugby Advertiser and BBC Radio Northampton. During the height of the pandemic, Milly established a food blog called No Fuss Meals for Busy Parents, helping to make a connection between food grown in the UK and tasty meals that the whole family can enjoy. From there her podcast ‘The Countryside Kitchen Meets’’ was created, in which she interviews farmers and food producers about what they grow or raise. You can follow Milly on all social media platforms with the handle: @millyfyfe or visit