Should we cry over spilt milk? US farmers on the dairy crisis

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Dairy farmers are dumping milk. You’ve heard about this, right? But do you know why? Do you understand the root causes? Talk Farm to Me does a deep dive into milk issues in the USA.

Meet Wisconsin Dairy Farmer Sarah Lloyd. She farms dairy with her family and applies her PhD in rural sociology to figuring out what’s wrong and how to address it.

Meet Florida Dairy Farmer Tim Moffet. Tim farms dairy with his brother and is also a stand up comic. Get ready to chuckle! He also spills on what’s happening on the front lines of dairy.

Finally, sustainable farming pioneer, Joel Salatin, pays us another visit with a few words of wisdom about dairy.

Whether you put milk in your coffee or not, you’re going to want to know what the truth is about the dairy crisis. Tune in.

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