The Farmacy Podcast: All About Pasture Fed Beef

By Thisfarmlife
7th December 2023
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Charles and Rachel talk to Nikki Yoxall, a beef farmer from Grampian Graziers in Aberdeenshire and Research Manager for Pasture for Life. They discuss restorative and pasture fed meat production while comparing this to mass produced products and what benefits each method provides from an environment and health perspective.
Referenced in the episode: The environmental impact of different diets, discussing Nature Food study:
Scarborough, P., Clark, M., Cobiac, L. et al. Vegans, vegetarians, fish-eaters and meat-eaters in the UK show discrepant environmental impacts. Nat Food 4, 565–574 (2023). 
Farmer Charles and Doctor Rachel discuss with guests about their lifestyle, their diet and their understanding about where their food comes from, how its produced and the impact that can have on the environment as well as for their health and general wellbeing.