Cheers to celebrating English Wine Week!

By Georgina Knock
22nd June 2024

Raise your glasses and join us in celebrating English Wine Week from Saturday 15th June to Saturday 22nd June 2024! This week we wish to highlight the incredible growth and success of the UK wine industry, a journey that has seen an impressive transformation over the past three decades.

A Blossoming Industry

Back in 1992, the UK was home to 457 vineyards producing around 3.5 million bottles of wine annually. Fast forward to 2022 and the industry has nearly doubled with 943 vineyards producing a staggering 12.2 million bottles each year*. This remarkable growth shows the dedication and passion of British wine producers who have put the UK on the global wine map.


Why British Wine?

British wine has gained an impressive reputation for its quality and unique character, influenced by the UK’s climate and diverse soil. Here are some fun facts about British wine:

  • Sparkling Success: British sparkling wine has gained international acknowledgment, often competing with the finest Champagne.
  • Award-Winning: UK wines have won numerous awards at global wine competitions, reflecting their exceptional quality.
  • Innovative Practices: British winemakers are known for their innovative techniques and sustainable practices, ensuring a bright future for the industry.

Image source: WineGB

Support Local Producers

During English Wine Week, we encourage you to explore and support local wine producers. The WineGB Producer Directory is a fantastic resource to discover UK vineyards and wineries near you. Enjoy the diverse range of British wines and raise a glass to the hard-working producers who make it all possible, cheers!


*Source: WineGB