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I am the host of the TALK FARM TO ME podcast that features farmers, what they do, how they do it, the challenges they face and what resources they use to overcome them. I have an accidental farm (on Instagram @xoxofarmgirl) and connect you to farmers so you can see how much you have in common with farmers! xo Talk Farm to Me is on Instagram @talkfarmtome


Deep dive on dairy in the USA – does it have a future?

In the first episode of a series on the dairy industry, dairy farmers and their bovine producers, you’ll meet a…


A mycelium future? The fascinating world of mushroom farming

Meet mushroom farmer Matt Hall of Midnight Harvest. He grows Shiitake and Maitake mushrooms and is working on cultivating morels….


Straight talk with bison farmer Liz Riffle

It’s a deeply American story – two veterans raising American Bison.  Join your host, Farm Girl, in a spirited conversation…


Should we cry over spilt milk? US farmers on the dairy crisis

Dairy farmers are dumping milk. You’ve heard about this, right? But do you know why? Do you understand the root…

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