‘Riding In Cabs With Farmers’: Mental health

By Lesley Kelly
17th January 2020
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In my first episode of Riding in Cabs with Farmers, I chat with Matt Kelly, my hubby, Saskatchewan grain farmer and mental health advocate. He shares what he’s learned about mental health, why he shared a video about his anxiety, how he dealt with some negative criticism in the aftermath, and why it’s important to keep talking about mental health.

Matt also shares what the most embarrassing thing about me is 🙂 Riding in Cabs with Farmers is about having conversations with farmers and people from various walks of life about food, farming, life and to get to know the people behind the scenes – all as we drive around in tractors, trucks, and combines.

Agriculture has an amazing story to not only tell, but share, and we’re all connected through food, people and stories.