Meet Michael Shannon – the ‘Godfather of Pasture’

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Recorded over two sittings, Michael talks for a long time about how excited he is about grass. He tends not to let me talk, which is obviously beneficial.  Three hours sounds a long time, but Michael is an interesting and semi-amusing person :0

I referred to Michael as the ‘Grandfather of Rotational Grazing in Scotland’ in the introduction. That’s very unfair, as he’s only a couple of years older than me – and I’m very young!! I think a more appropriate moniker should be Godfather – a bit like James Brown, but with a higher pitched voice and less impressive dance moves.

Bottom line is, he is a pioneer in Scotland and though I wouldn’t admit it to his face, there probably should be a statue in his honour. Preferably relatively close to me, so I can deface it regularly.

We are taken on a journey from Northern Ireland to the seed trade in Scotland, to Lanarkshire, to what is now definitely ‘home’ and the base for Dame Delicious.

The theme tune is restricted to just over a minute at the start but for personal safety reasons I have to warn you its repeated in its full 5 minute glory at the end – stay safe and don’t have nightmares.