Livestock in low input systems: A farmer investigates

By Michael Blanche
31st January 2019
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A break from the norm.  I interview a number of people all in one – shorter – podcast.

Recorded in the summer of 2018 with background noise loud enough to be irritating, this was the Livestock in Low Input Systems (LILIS) conference.

I went around and, like a man desperate for friends, tried to make conversation with people. I laughed awkwardly and those that didn’t run away felt sorry enough for me to give me their time.

There are a couple of references made that may need explanation:

1.  The furry nature of my microphone was commented on. See photos as illustration

2. The “Doric” is made reference to in my conversation with Gordon Whiteford. This is a particular dialect spoken in the North East of Scotland.  It’s not quite another language, but those unfamiliar to it will struggle. It is a beautiful thing.

3. Paul Renison is not a Knight of the Realm to my knowledge, but not all heroes are called Sir. I make the link to Jon Bon Jovi and Paul. As this is only audio, you as the listener were unable to admire Paul’s fantastic mullet that is uncannily reminiscent of the once great soft-rocker himself.

Normal service will resume soon where I talk to one person ad nauseum without excessive background noise.

Thanks to the SOPA team for letting me have free reign at their conference and thanks to the Walker family for their hospitality.

Hope you enjoy it.