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About Sally Urwin

Sally is probably the shortest farmer in England. ​She lives on High House Farm in Northumberland with her husband Steve, two children, 200 sheep, Mavis the sheep dog, a fat pony and two farm cats. She helps manage the farm, looks after the sheep, and in her spare time has written a book - "A Farmer's Diary: A Year at High House Farm", available in all good book shops.

Farm Diaries

Josephine the sheep and the poisonous shrubbery

It’s been one of those weeks… Three days ago we bought 9 strapping Suffolk cross ewes with 4 week old…

Farm Diaries

‘Scabby’ the sheep’s second chance

Scabby Ewe (affectionately known as Scabs or the Scabster) is one of our friendliest sheep. This is her story. In…