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About Rockking Agriculture

Rockking Agriculture is run by James Rock and Isla King who are both based in Scotland. James entered a 5 year contract farming arrangement extending 500 acres in November 2016 and Isla qualified as a rural chartered surveyor (MRICS) in November 2018. As two young people following different career paths within the agricultural sector the aim is to write educational blogs which give an insight into their journey, experiences and answer any questions that their readers may have.


Sheep worrying explained by farmers

I appreciate it may be confusing for the public to understand why famers are asking you to keep your dog…


Wooly wonders: Why do farmers show their sheep?

Throughout the year there are a number of shows and livestock exhibitions across the country, particularly during the summer months….


How and why do farmers apply fertiliser to grass?

Farming operates in cycles and it is important that James finds time in the spring once the warmer weather arrives…

Farm Farming Today

Video: Quick lamb health-check

It’s health-check time for the lambs, and each one is getting the following: 1. Wormer and cobalt pellet: This is…


What does twinning on lambs mean?

What is ‘twinning-on lambs’? Why do farmers do it? And how does it work? Young farmers Isla King and James…