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Gavin is a food writer and food photographer born and raised in London. After several years as a food blogger, he studied Food Policy MSc at City, University of London, researching how Instagram influences dietary choices. As a writer, he specialises in the contemporary culture of food choice and is published in a growing number of print and online publications. He is editor of Brain Food Magazine and can be found on Twitter @GavinWren Instagram @gavin.wren. Currently travelling through Latin America, followed by Central Asia, Gavin also loves watching YouTube and idolises David Bowie.

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Eat less meat? Fine. Eat less chocolate? Screw that!

Deciphering what food is acceptable to eat is incredibly confusing and frequently exposes the internal contradictions we face as humans….

Food Files

If food is the new religion, I’m an atheist.

Religion, historically, is the saviour from a life of eternal pain. Today, food brings the same utopian promises of paradise…