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Onions don’t grow on trees?

Shay Myers, a third generation farmer, is our guest today on Farm Traveler. Maybe you’ve seen Shay on Instagram or…


Lesson from farm podcasting – with US rancher, Jason Medows

Let’s talk podcasting!  Today on the show is a former guest and fellow podcaster Jason Medows.  You might remember Jason…


Growing berries in Florida’s ‘Plant City’

The berry best berries?  Get it?!  Dad joke for the win. Florida is home to the winter strawberry capital of…


Crop dusters – meet the couple combining aviation and farming

I’m still fascinated with airplanes and when I found out today’s guests combine both aviation AND agriculture, I just had…


Could gene-editing make plants tastier and healthier?

Imagine one day eating Doritos, Cheetos, or your favourite crips or candy bar and being guilt-free from sugar, fat, and…


Using microgreens to tackle food poverty

Mike Jackson, founder of Kentucky Greens in Louisville, Kentucky, is growing hydroponic micro-greens, lettuce, and other produce and tackling a…