Crop dusters – meet the couple combining aviation and farming

By farmtraveler
29th June 2020
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I’m still fascinated with airplanes and when I found out today’s guests combine both aviation AND agriculture, I just had to have them on. Tyson and Cally are the two adventurous people behind Ag Aviation Adventures.

Through social media outlets like YouTube and Instagram, Tyson and Cally document the behind the scenes workings of crop dusting, their daily schedule, and also educate consumers on how spraying affects crops.

Their videos are super informative and take viewers inside the cockpit with Tyson as he talks about various agriculture topics during his spraying route.

This is a great conversation with Tyson and Cally and I highly suggest you check out their YouTube and other content.

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Above, Cally and Tyson.

Thumbnail image (on home page) is not of Tyson and Cally’s plane, but is by nightowl from Pixabay.