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Harvest 2023 – Oil Seed Rape

Earlier this year many fields across the UK and Europe turned yellow as oil seed rape came into flower. July…


Harvest 2023 – All About Wheat

Wheat is the most widely cultivated cereal crop in the world, making up around 25% of the total arable area….


Farming is everybody’s bread and butter

Food produced in Britain is of an incredibly high standard and farmers across Britain are now experiencing their full peak…


Harvest 2023 – All About Barley

For many farmers in the UK harvest is now in full swing and one of the first crops to be…


Why do farmers need to shear sheep?

Can you imagine wearing a woolly fleece all year round? How hot would that be! Well, if it wasn’t for…


What food is in season in the UK in June?

Each month we will profile the foods that are seasonal in the UK and we are kick starting with beautiful…


Was Rishi Sunak’s Food Summit a Success?

There is clear disagreement as to whether or not Rishi Sunak’s ‘Farm to Fork’ summit held yesterday was a success….


Why has Rishi Sunak called a Food Summit?

Today, the very first Farm to Fork Summit has taken place in Downing Street, hosted by the Prime Minister, Rishi…


What is the yellow flower in farmers’ fields?

At this time of year large areas of the British countryside turn yellow as a plant that many farmers include…


#Shelfgate Update: What’s happened this week in the food shortages story?

By Ben Eagle; Acting Editor, Eat Farm Now. With news breaking yesterday of a supermarket being embroiled in a major…


Why are the supermarket shelves empty? (PART 2)

by Ben Eagle; Acting Editor, Eat Farm Now With the empty shelves in supermarkets story continuing to make headlines and…


Why are the supermarket shelves empty? (PART 1)

by Ben Eagle (Acting Editor, Eat Farm Now) Newspaper headlines have been increasingly panicked in recent days regarding food shortages…


‘The Pig Farmer’

Last year, film maker Christopher Baker made a series of films looking at the relationships between farmers and their animals….


Team Wales Races to Success in Run 1000

Earlier this month dozens of runners from across England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and New Zealand took part in #Run1000, raising…


Home is Where the Herd Is

Film maker and photographer Chris Baker made this film, called ‘The Dairy Farmer’, last year in Dorset. It features dairy…