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Anna Jones is a freelance journalist, broadcaster, farmer’s daughter and Nuffield Farming Scholar. She covered rural affairs at the BBC for 12 years; directing BBC One’s Countryfile, producing and presenting Radio 4’s Farming Today, On Your Farm and Costing the Earth and reporting on agricultural issues for BBC News and the World Service. She has written for Countryfile Magazine, Farmers Guardian and Farmers Weekly. Anna’s career took an unexpected turn after her Nuffield Farming Scholarship in 2016/17, which looked at how the media portrays farming and country life to the public. She travelled the world and discovered a deep disconnect between the metropolitan mainstream media and a distrustful and defensive farming industry. It made Anna determined to motivate farmers to step up and share their stories. She left the BBC in 2018 to set up a communications project called ‘Just Farmers’, aimed at connecting journalists and programme makers with independent voices at the grassroots of farming. She travels all over the world talking about her mission to improve openness and transparency in modern agriculture. If she’s not overseas or making programmes, Anna is likely travelling on the M5 between her home in Bristol and her parents’ beef and sheep farm on the Welsh borders. She’s yet to find a place that feels more like home than the family farm.

Food Files

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The Big Issues

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Food Files

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The Big Issues

What is ‘The Disconnect’?

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