What is a ploughing competition?

By Out the Gap
3rd May 2023
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Did you know that across Britain, Ireland and indeed in other parts of the world people take part in ploughing competitions? In this episode of Out the Gap podcast, host Noel Clancy headed out earlier this year to meet competitors from around Ireland as they competed in a ploughing competition on the Tipperary/Offaly border.

We meet competitors as well as some of the voluntary organisers who run the event. We also find out more about this interesting hobby which for some borders on an obsession. As Noel found out over the course of the day, competition ploughing is an art in itself and requires great skill and precision.

From vintage machinery enthusiasts to horse drawn participants, Noel chats to an array of people and find out just what they love about these competitions and what drives them to keep competing every year.

Image credit: Noel Clancy

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