#AgMentalHealthWeek: How to fail at farming

By Josh Heyneke
12th October 2022

After nearly 7 years, the farm is facing bankruptcy. What went wrong?

In this series, we hope to share the realities of small scale agriculture and family farming.

Here’s Part I of ‘How to Fail at Farming’.


I’m Josh, along with my wife Abi we farm 10 acres in South Wales, with 500 free-range ducks and a small flock of 10 ewes (female sheep) alongside a small but growing market garden. We are currently the only commercial producer of organic certified duck eggs in the UK, with three breeds: Khaki Campbells, Dark Campbells and the rare Welsh Harlequin.

Ab0ut Josh and Abi:

A South African with a Scottish mother, Josh moved to London where he met Abi; she was a graphic designer and illustrator and he worked in sales and project management. But being fans of the outdoor, healthy lifestyle, in 2017 they decided to sell their London flat, quit their jobs and become farmers.

Follow Josh and Abi’s journey on YouTube here.