Swipe right: Tinder for the food sector

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AJ and Susie meet Katy Cox and Floortje Hoette (Flo for short) this week where they discuss the merits of rescued food.

Flo describes the wonderful FoodLoop app, which is a sort of Tinder for the food sector; it connects food left on the shelf with someone who is looking to cherish it and let it shine, this means all those businesses who have unwanted goods can connect with those who want to turn it into something delicious.

Katy is the founder of Wasted Kitchen: if you want a lunchbox, cocktail box, meeting box, party box or whatever, she is your saviour, a mouth-watering assortment of dips, rice dishes and salads in compostable kraft brown boxes made from unloved veg is her forte. She makes amazing pickles with all that unloved veg too. Yum.

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