The quarantines that protect our food – from bees to chocolate

By Gastropod
5th July 2021
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Why do 75 billion bees get stopped in the dusty California desert every spring, and why does every single cacao plant that gets shipped around the world have to pass through one town in England? What are sentinel plots, and how are they protecting our wheat supply?

Gastropod’s very own Nicola Twilley has published her first book with her husband Geoff ManaughUntil Proven Safe: The History and Future of Quarantine is a captivating chronicle of quarantine across time, space, and species (and yes, they started writing the book long before 2020).

Just for you, dear Gastropod listeners, we have a special episode in which, for the first time ever, your intrepid hosts sit on opposite sides of the (virtual) table as Cynthia interviews Nicky and Geoff about the quarantines that protect our food.

Quarantine: boring to live through, fascinating to listen to—and read about!