Listen more, shout less: Confronting racism in agriculture

By Will Evans
22nd June 2020
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It feels like the world is on fire at the moment, and everyone has an opinion to share on the #BlackLivesMatter marches going on around the globe.

For this episode I speak to livestock vets Navaratnam Partheeban and Claire Whittle about their experiences with racism and prejudice within the farming community, and what we can all do about it.

Find support, information about racism, and how you can educate yourself about it at the British Veterinary and Ethnicity and Diversity Society.  

Please listen to what is said, and if you have questions get in touch with Theeb or Claire, or send them to me at and I’ll pass them on.

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Will Evans is a beef farmer in Wales, and the co-founder of EatFarmNow. He hosts and produces the Rock & Roll Farming Podcast.

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