Sugar, slavery, Brexit and the Tories – a murky history

By EatFarmNow
16th June 2020

British farmer, Tom Clarke, explains the murky links and corporate interests between sugarcane manufacturing, Brexit, the Conservative Party, and the history of slavery.

Tom sits on the National Farmers Union of England and Wales’ sugar board. His Twitter thread on sugar has had several thousand retweets and likes, and sparked a discussion with hundreds of messages.

More about Tom Clarke

Tom is a fourth generation Fenland farmer in Cambridgeshire, England. He farms 1,000 acres, growing milling wheat, sugar beet, potatoes and other crops such as linseed.

He says; “Our farms have more than 15% of their area dedicated to improving nature, and are very pleased to have a number of Red Status bird species thriving on the farm, including: Skylarks, Grey Partridge, Corn Buntings, Linnets, Yellow Wagtails and Cuckoos.”

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Main photo by British Library on Unsplash