Feeding the world on lockdown: Are you part of the #FoodArmy?

By Jez Fredenburgh
28th March 2020

Are you a picker, farmer, fishermen, packer, baker, manufacturer, shelf stacker, or delivery guy? We want to hear from you.

The global coronavirus pandemic has brought our most basic need – food – into sharp focus.

Many people are scared and anxious about food supplies.

We want to help reassure them that all you guys working so hard in the food chain, from farmers to delivery men and women, “have their backs”.

So, we’re kicking-off a global social media campaign with the #FoodArmy hashtag – will you get involved and help reassure the public?

Here’s what to do

  • Take a short video or photo of yourself carrying out your #FoodArmy task (e.g. harvesting, planting, milking, packing, butchering, baking, stacking shelves, cooking, delivering)
  • Say in the video, or in your post; who you are, what you’re doing and crucially – “I have your back”
  • Post this on social media with the #FoodArmy hashtag – be sure to include #EatFarmNow too so we can help push your post further
  • Tell your mates/ colleagues to do it too!

A note on what this is not

It’s not a chance to crow, score points and say “I told you so”. It’s not a time to call farmers “heroes” or to even “thank a farmer”. Farmers work hard – as do many other people – and yes, they are absolutely integral, as they always have been, and as they always will be.

Many more people however, have lost their jobs, livelihoods and ability to even step outside – let alone a nice big wide open field. And many also, such as doctors, nurses, carers, teachers, police, and supermarket check-out staff are working at great personal risk.

So, let’s join together as the #FoodArmy without personal motive, but with one aim – to show the public “we have your back”.

Come on #FoodArmy!!

Jez Fredenburgh and Will Evans

Editor and co-founder

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