5 trends for the future of farming

By Tim Hammerich
16th January 2020
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Last year was such a good year for the show and was rife with amazing guests bearing their trade secrets and intelligent insights into the world of agriculture. To commemorate it, I decided to categorise the overarching themes that summarise what 2019 was like for the Future of Agriculture podcast.

In today’s episode, I discuss the five trends that governed much of the events in 2019. I share a few clips of the most well-received episodes that relate to the trends we had. I discuss some of the trends that we’ll be doing a deeper dive this year and some of the changes that will happen. I also share some of your wonderful ideas and suggestions. 

“Technology takes away gatekeepers in the food industry, just as it had done so in other industries.”

This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • The five themes we discussed in the show throughout 2019.
  • What it means to quantitatively prove farm sustainability
  • The importance of farmer profitability when it comes to innovation
  • Why we should be worried about the future of water for the ag industry
  • Changing Five Minute Farmer to Farmer’s Spotlight
  • What’s coming for 2020 on the Future of Ag Podcast
  • Ideas to improve the show and audience suggestions.

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