How cattle ranching can help save bird habitats

By Tim Hammerich
23rd December 2019
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 “The birds are the treasure – and the measure,” says Russ Conser of Blue Nest Beef, a regenerative agriculture and food startup.

What makes Blue Nest Beef special is how they raise cattle from bird-friendly land, citing that the presence of birds indicates a healthy agricultural ecosystem.

Russ specialises in soil health and regenerative agriculture, business strategy development, and managing highly creative people. He was also featured on the podcast two years ago, where he talked about the benefits of multi-paddock grazing.

Russ joins me today to discuss how Blue Nest Beef is promoting regenerative agriculture. He explains how birds indicate the health of the ecosystem and why it’s critical to farm on bird-friendly land.

He shares data that indicates the benefits of raising cattle over not raising it from a greenhouse gas perspective. He shares the type of grazing system they want other farmers to adapt and why it benefits the soil.

Russ also describes why regenerative agriculture is important to every person on Earth, regardless of your political affiliation.