Fish meat without the fish – is it the future?

By Tim Hammerich
3rd October 2019
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Mike Selden is the Co-Founder and CEO of Finless Foods, a startup that aims for a more sustainable future through advanced cellular agriculture technologies. Their projects revolve around growing fish meat and other seafood products from cells. Mike is a trained biochemist and has experience working as a researcher and educator. He also has researched numerous ways to solve food crises in Africa as well as marine conservation in South East Asia.

Mike joins us to explain the many benefits of growing meat from cells and the ways it can improve life, not just on Earth but also in outer space. He shares how their company can produce real meat without the animal and the big scale effect it will have on the economy. Mike also discusses some of the reasons why this project isn’t against fishermen, how it can solve overfishing problems, and how it can help otherwise expensive fish products become more affordable.

 “We’re growing it directly from the cells, so no whole animals are needed after that first initial sample.” – Mike Selden

This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • Explaining the case for cell-grown meat and why it’s exciting.
  • The benefits of cell-grown meat for people and the environment.
  • How they plan to sell their products to the average consumer.
  • The inspiration behind starting Finless Foods.
  • Why they chose to start experimenting with fish cells.
  • How space agriculture factors in with the products they want to produce.
  • The variables involved in mass-producing cell-grown meats.
  • Solving the waste problems they may produce in the future.
  • The financial side of scaling this type of product.
  • The kind of progress we can look forward to if their product becomes successful.

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