What’s the deal with meat and the environment?

By Andrew Campbell
19th September 2019
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The conversation around eating meat and the impact on the environment isn’t going anywhere. Whether that be plant-based food companies touting their product as the saviour of climate change, or meat-based farmers and food companies touting their sustainability efforts as the way forward, it can be hard to find the middle ground.

That’s why we thought we better call a doctor. Dr. Jude Capper is a Livestock Sustainability Consultant based in the UK, who looks at all kinds of data to piece together a clearer picture on what impact livestock farming has on the environment, both good & bad.

In this episode we cover all kinds of questions like what is the real impact, does it matter where the milk or meat comes from, and can more be done to make raising food sustainable?

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Thumbnail Photo by Grant Brookes on Unsplash