Meet the scientist and farmer collaborating on soil fertility

By Tim Hammerich
9th September 2019
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Join us for the first instalment of a two-part interview with Dr. Dave Franzen, a Soil Scientist at North Dakota State University in Extension, and Anthony Thilmony, a fourth generation farmer in the Valley City, North Dakota area.

These two have collaborated for many years through discussion and trials. Today we explore soil fertility and the effect of a no-till strategy. We learn about some of the benefits including a decreased nitrogen need and increased microorganism activity to name two. 

“In order to get somebody to change the way they’re doing things you either have to have an economic tag or an emotional tag.” -Dr. Dave Franzen

“My goal is when I quit farming everything is going to be in better shape than I got it and that’s what drives me with the no-till.” – Anthony Thilmony


This Week on Soil Sense:

  • Discover how Dr Franzen and Anthony began to collaborate
  • Learn about soil loss in North Dakota over the last 100 years
  • Hear about the benefits of performing research on commercial farms 
  • What the advantages are of having a no-till field 
  • Who the “Beach Boys’ of North Dakota are and what they have accomplished

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Thumbnail Photo by Kyle Ellefson on Unsplash