Move over guys: Female farmers in Canada

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If you look at what Google thinks a farmer is, you’ll find checked shirts – and men. But if you look at the statistics of an actual farm, you’ll find that over a quarter of today’s farmers are women.

Are there any unique challenges to being a woman in agriculture?

*Andrew Campbell is a farmer, award winning communicator and passionate farm advocate. He and his family milk cows and grow corn, soybeans, wheat and hay in Canada’s Southern Ontario. On top of farming, Andrew has become a common voice for farmers and agriculture issues in the mainstream media, conference halls and online, pushing the positive stories that farmers across Canada have to share with their non-farming neighbours.

He’s received awards that have named in a Leader in Innovation, Champion, Game-Changer, and Top Agriculture Influencer for his work through written word, photographs, videos and podcasts. You can find him on social media with the handle FreshAirFarmer, or by searching your podcast player for ‘Food Bubble’.