The tech company saving honey bees from stress

By Brendan Byrne
30th April 2019
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Ireland has long valued the hive and the honey bee, as evidenced in the Bechbretha or ‘Bee Judgement’ texts, recorded under ancient Irish law, or Brehon law, dating back to circa the 6th century.

Today, an Irish tech start-up is seeking to write a new page in history in terms of food security within a global industry, responsible for providing one third of the food consumed worldwide.

ApisProtect, a start-up co-founded by Fiona Edwards Murphy, a Cork-based electronics engineer, focuses on the growing global problem of the stressed honey bee population.

Her goal is to provide an IoT – bee monitoring service – utilising the latest sensor technology and machine learning, to help beekeepers reduce losses and increase productivity in their hives.

In this episode, ApisProtect Chair and co-founder, Andrew Wood recounts the story behind this innovative idea and the journey of discovery into the secret lives of bees.