Having the craic tasting all things Irish

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This week Sue tests the presenters on the top favourite Irish foods and can’t stop eulogising about the humble spud.

The team discuss Irish stew, soda bread, colcannon, champ and boxty (what?) and of course, Ireland’s love affair with potatoes.

Irish chef Anna Haugh, owner of London’s Myrtle Restaurant, kindly brings in a huge hamper of great food and drink from the Emerald Isle for everyone to taste.

Sue also reveals that she goes to Harrods to get her favourite beef dripping in the world, from James Whelan butchers of County Tipperary. Ollie is aghast at this revelation.

From Ireland to Greece, as Sally Dorling of Tim’s Dairy explains how they make traditional greek yogurt in the heart of the Chiltern Hills.

Chris, Peter, Bides and Tony Timotheou have brought traditional Greek methods (their family have been doing this for 70 years!), producing the finest yogurt in batches using fresh pasteurised British milk, natural ingredients and bio-live cultures.