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About Rural Youth Project

The Rural Youth Project was initiated by agricultural and rural communication specialists Jane Craigie Marketing (JCM) in early 2018 to find out more about young people living rurally and their challenges, aspirations, and needs, in order to support the future of participating countries’ rural youth.

The Big Issues

What’s the best thing about being young in the countryside?

Being young in the countryside isn’t all roses, but there are lots of good bits. We asked young people what…

The Big Issues

Being young, rural and dealing with adversity

It’s not easy growing up – and being in the countryside has its own set of challenges. Kendra, Christy and…

The Big Issues

Alana’s story: Family secrets and farming succession in Oz

Alana Black tells us about her family’s experience of losing their farm, how it could all have been avoided, and…

The Big Issues

Living back with my parents in the countryside

Anna Lamotte, 28, talks about living back home with her parents near Perth, Scotland, and the challenges of finding affordable…